How to Choose a Pool Cue Tip

With the number of pool cue tips available and the number of sizes and densities, picking a trick is an overwhelming job. Cue tips are normally judged by point density and materials. Which trick you select depends upon your goals for a pool participant.

Suggestion Density

As you know, various tips have different densities or amounts of hardness ranging from soft to additional hard.

In its most fundamental level, the softer the pool cue tip, the more likely it is to mushroom or flatten out with each hit of the cue ball. This means the fact that a soft tip will need more maintenance than a tip.

Many players that choose a soft tip consider there's a relationship between English and tip softness. The feeling is the softer the point, the more control and English you get over the ball.

Another camp has players who prefer a trick. With a hard tip, you'll be changing your tip much less often than a delicate tip. Furthermore, many players who enjoy hard suggestions think that they're able to reach more control and consistency with a hard point.

Testing Tip Density

The most frequent strategy to do a simple density check is to merely push your thumbnail into the point. A tip is not going to leave any impression at all, while a delicate tip will leave a major impression.

So Many To Choose From...

So now that you know a little about hints, which should you buy? Undoubtedly, the most famous suggestion in the marketplace is the Le Pro-tip. Also known as Le Professional Tips, these tips are extremely cost-effective, are used by most production cues and for a medium hard tip, will continue quite a long time. Le Pro-tips are located on most major brands and are excellent tips. To the soft-side, the most famous and affordable hint is the Elk Master.

These tips are significantly pricier, but are created using a few of the highest quality hides out there now. Moori tips, for example, are constructed with eleven layers of high quality pigskin and Talisman ideas are created with a really sturdy buffalo hide.

In The End, every pool player will get a different opinion regarding what is the best pool cue tip. The only way to choose the appropriate idea for you would find a suggestion that compliments your playing style.